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Geers Industrial Efficiency
We are specialized in answering questions concerning control of a machine. Or if you looking for a machine that doesn’t exist or if you are capable to build a machine you have a lack of knowledge of controlling the machine. We can also assist in your search for a control cabinet. If you own a machine but can’t get any support. Beside delivering machines en support we offer the possibility to complement you at a staff shortage.

The advantage of Geer Industrial Efficiency are:
– Motivated budding entrepreneur.
– Years of expertise in custom build machines
– Down to earth
– By a clear approach, the customer understands us and we the customer.
– Direct contact. No intermediate person.
– Strong in visualizing your machine so you will be less dependent on knowledge or language.
– We supply a complete custom made machine in close cooperation with reliable partners.

Contact us for your question concerning Machines, Control of machines or support


Laboratorium apparatuur

GLT Labortechnik startet in 1993 with the Dilumat.
A device to add liquids for microbiological examination in laboratories. In particular, the food industry, as well soil examinations.

Later on came the Dilumatic M2.
A versatile machine that can : diluted, Metering, Weighing, Filling and  Dispensing with a pipette. It also can dispense a several liquids. We will continue with this and are developing a new version.

Starting points: Flexible, Touchscreen, Online Support, User friendly.